Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday Market

I am so lucky to be in, yet another wonderful town with a wonderful farmer's market. Markets of all kind seem to carry the essence of community- attractive in socio-cultural, economical,
and ecological ways. One thing I just love, is a farmer's market! Here, I can find delicious, locally grown and harvested food, the local community of all ages interacting and a place where I can personally put my money in the hands of those making their livelihoods supporting the community and my own sustenance. The cycle, in a sense in complete... almost.

Sweden is a great progressive nation with proactive programs and principals along the lines of sustainability- city run recycling and composting, support for local food production, education, health care and social activism, to name a few. Yet, in a recent study, I read that the number one thing that Swedes can work on in reducing an individual's and family's footprint is to rethink 'food!' Food consumption, more than cars and housing is the greatest contributor to high carbon emissions here in Sweden. That surprised me with all this locally grown food, where this is an apple tree in almost everyone's yard, berries of all kinds along woodland trails... it is plentiful here in Sweden, so how is it that the food chain that is being supported is the one with a high carbon footprint?
I can't make any assumptions- I am a foreigner, and worst yet, I am from America where this question really needs to be asked.

So, when next time we all go to the market, no matter where we live- look on the label to see what country it comes from and then ask yourself- does this food grow in my backyard... my community or my country? If so, maybe I should try to support that first?

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