Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walking the Line

I recently realized that I am on my computer way too often.
I have prided myself ion not owning a TV for the last 10 years, yet now realize my computer has taken its place. Though I am a Master's student at the moment does not justify the immense reliance on this baby. I have started a user-responsibility declaration with myself. If I am beating myself over the head on sustainability, asking other people "Why are 'we' not more sustainable in our daily lives?" Well, then duh- that refers to me too. If I really want to pursue facilitating and promoting sustainability, then I better figure out how to walk the talk... and not just talk.

If you are wondering how to make small improvements in your daily energy use there are many online (of coarse) sources that help measure killowatts and carbon footprinting, as well as cost cutting advice on energy use.
Visit Michael Bluejay's site where you can calculate any appliance's kilowatt usage.

Simple personal goals and cost-cutting measures...

1. Try not to use the dryer- air dry my clothing
2. Aim to not use take away coffee- bring a cup with me
3. Always use my own shopping bag at the markets
4. Think about food- prepare my own food and chose wisely where I am buying food and who I am supporting
5. Unplug appliances when not in use
6. Regulate my 'need' and use of computer and electronic appliances... this should help me to pick up a book more
7. Use more candles at night and make more fires in the fireplace... it's more cozy and nice in winter anyway
8. Shop second hand more than retail when I 'need' something... there's more uniqueness in this anyway
9. Think about upcoming travel options. It's ok to fly on planes, but maybe it's better to take the train
10. Talk to as many people as I know about weighing options, choices and decisions on consumerism, climate change and sustainability