Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Art of Hosting

image taken from The Learning Host

" The Art of Hosting and harvesting conversations that matter is a new practice of democracy that we really need in the world now "

Just how powerful is the art of dialogue? Just how powerful is asking the right questions? What else is as powerful as making meaninful conversation and connecting to another through words, senses and openness? Do we pay enough attention to the words we construct and let speak for who we are and what we yearn to find in and collect from one another?

The Art of Hosting is..."is a pattern and a practice that allows us to meet our humanity in ourselves and in each other - as opposed to trying to be machines meeting"

Soul Recovery Service

Felicity Fenton's Soul Recovery Service offers to collect your 'emotionally hindering' objects that keep you from fulfilling your days, wasting your precious time through or withholding emotional freedom.
What are the things in your life that hamper your creativity, energy, and free spirit? Even if you do not have anything bringing you down, but still want to be inspired visit Felicity's website for some funky inspiration.

I would send Felicity my computer if I didn't need it so much for school...

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Sustainability Resolution

My 2010 New Year's Resolution list... of course to grow & evolve

1. EAT as LOCAL as possible
2. limit 'take-out' containers... 'to go' coffees and over-packaging from the market
3. Walk, BiKe and bus more than any other mode of transportation
4. limit use of dryer- hang dry clothes and limit consumption of water- try taking shorter showers
5. Support stores that sell ethical, organic and fair trade goods and buy second-hand more often than new
6. be healthy & happy in my daily life and try to spread it around
7. Encourage and Engage others in meaningful conversation and laughter
8. talk with more strangers, play with children and get to know more elders and people from different nationalities and talk about sustainability without using the word 'sustainability'
9. make my actions meaningful, embodying and living 'simple'
10. GARDEN and help others grow food to foster local food production & sovereignty