Saturday, September 26, 2009

Growing into Fall

Image taken from Grow This Blog
It may be autumn, but it isn't too late to plant and grow your own food! Cool season planting varies all over, depending where you live and zone for hardiness, you can probably plant a variety of things in your backyard. Where I am from and currently living is in the northern latitudes so cool crops for me are greens (easiest with great variety) mixed, mesclun, kale, chard, spinach... garlic, small short carrots, brussel sprouts, cabbage and can be grown late into fall.

Click here for Fall Gardening Tips

For now, however, without my own garden plot to delight in, I hope to talk my landlords into making a coldframe, where greens would grow easily, even starting now in September. And even though I can't be growing and harvesting my own food, there is an awesome and abundant local farmers market that does the job for eating healthy organic local foods.

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