Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sustainability = Creativity

I recently watched Elizabeth Gilbert's talk on Ted and man did it hit a chord and link similar themes between being a writer and a creator to someone seeking work in 'sustainability.' Why do we have to fight the current, step out so far to face such a fear-based wall when you say- I'm an artist, a writer or studying sustainability? Shouldn't creativity and sustainability be inherent, innate and valued within our social structures? These may just be as important any other pillars of society.

WANÅS Foundation

Recently took a field trip to the amazing Wanas Foundation. Along the woodland paths, weaving through a beautiful hardwood forest, one comes to view various installations speaking-telling of issues on energy, architecture, social structures, cultural norms, things that 'once were'... loved, celebrating love, celebrating life and death- in natural and manmade worlds. Utterly stimulating and inspiring.

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