Sunday, September 20, 2009

Learning from "The Greenest City in Europe"

Vaxjo, Sweden

Is said to be called the Greenest City in Europe. After taking a trip North to visit this little town, I was surprised pulling into a town that seemed- well, normal in most ways. It wasn't until I sat through a talk by some of the city's planners that I came to understand how this little town is so dynamite!
Practically fossil fuel free, where most energy is run on biomass- collected as by product from local harvesting and production and proud cyclists that love commuting via cobblestone streets. There is a lot going on here that can easily be applied to towns all over the US. Yet, how is something like that accomplished? This is why I am here in Sweden, to soak up places and experiences like Vaxjo and other eco-municipalities and be able to translate these frameworks to the small towns in the States I roam between.

What is Biomass? And how does it actually generate enough energy to run a town like Vaxjo?

Interested in finding more resources that give ways your town or community can become more sustainable...

The Natural Step for Communities: How Cities and Towns can Change to More Sustainable Practices

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