Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clotheslines are Beautiful

While traveling in Europe, I fell hard in love with clotheslines!

How have we come to be so disconnected and pulled away from the simple pleasures in life, like hanging clothes out to dry, breathing in fresh air, observing the landscape or cityscape, a neighbor, a fox or a passerby- saying hello? I know I am being over romantic here. I know that it is easier to sometimes say "I'll hang them up later" and later becomes a day, where you then have moldy and musty clothes. I know, I know it is sweet time when you are busy and pressed to get things done. But, what if we didn't have the luxury of a dryer and you knew that was the only way your clothes would get dry? Would having to hang clothes out to dry enrich our lives with more connection to the world outside and around us?

I think so.

I see clotheslines as part of the Slow Movement. The act makes you maybe move slower. Maybe makes one realize the joy in how clothes can smell like the sky and breeze and be warmed by the sun.

So, anyone interested in spreading a National Clothesline Day? I aim to set up an installation of a beautiful clothesline demonstration this summer at my local farmers market, so check back to hear how it goes and see pictures.

Enjoy the summer and turn that dryer off- save energy and enjoy the outdoors!


  1. Hi Elsa! Nice post! Infact, I completely support line dry. I am italian, and honestly I don't know almost anyone that owns a tumble drier. Why? It might be because yes, if you hang your laundry outside it will smell of sun and wind. Of course, if you don't have a garden, or a terrace (very possible in big cities)you will hate to hang your clothes indoor. They will always be in the way, they will look messy if you have guests over, etc etc etc. I know you'll hate it, if you are not used to it. I do it all the time though, and I haven't died yet. Plus, once you understand the advantages (it's free, and it doesn't ruin your clothes) you will just get over it, and you'll do it.
    I propose a Clothesline Day every day of the year! Love you my darling, Carlotta

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