Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall- a Time for Mulching and Soil Building

That cool crisp breeze of autumn is here, and with it comes the turning of leaves and earth. Fall is a good time for all kinds of harvesting and also laying ground for a good harvest in the year to come. You don't have to be a farmer or have a garden in mind for building soil, you can do this simple act as a benefit to any piece of your land. As the leaves color, turn and fall think about harvesting the potential energy for composting and mulching and enriching some earth around you.

A good and easy way to do this is set aside recycled cardboard, rake a leaf pile and save your coffee grounds (carbon rich material) and find some nitrogen rich matter- any green, living material... like grass clippings. Allocating manure is good as well as some rich compost or soil.
More specific to your environment... do you live near the sea or have access to shells? Or tropical landscapes benefit from native palms and so on. If it grows around you- use it.

It's easy to follow the posted Layer Mulching diagram or follow these easy instructions:

Start with your rich soil plot
Next add any local shell or phosphate rich material... bone meal, rock phosphate...
Next add manure- rich source of organic materials
Next add you carbon-rich leaves
Next layer your nitrogen-rich grass clippings
Next add some more manure
Now layer heavily overlapped cardboard
More grass clippings
A little compost and soil

Congratulations, you now have paved a path for a prosperous piece of land for a productive garden plot!

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